Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are not Lawyers, Solicitors or a Claims Management Company. Moreover, we extremely knowledgeable, professionals within the field of contract termination investigations and legal instruction. We instruct qualified solicitors or Lawyers upon your behalf after we have done all of the paralegal ground work with regard to your case investigation and case build. Within a brief period of time, the Solicitors are instructed and start work on your behalf. You are contacted very quickly and have a singular Solicitor as your qualified point of contact.

No, and you are welcome to come and see us at our offices completely free of charge. We offer overnight accommodation if you are travelling from afar, but please call in advance to book as Devon is seasonal and very popular with tourists.

Yes, of course. We would love to come and see you at home. We have a network of Assessment Managers across the length and breadth of the UK. We will not sell you anything, moreover just give objective advice and inform you of our unique service.

Yes, of course. We operate a 14-day cool off period from the date of signing your contract with us, if you signed your agreement from the comfort of your home. The only exception is where you ask for us to start the work immediately and we commence upon your instruction to get the work done within 14 days of receipt of your paperwork. Then you waive the right of cancellation upon your own choice as we start work within hours of your instruction.

Our aim is to complete all of the contract termination investigation work, administration, evidence cataloguing/formatting, case build and handover to UK Solicitor within 14 days of the receipt of your correct documentation and paperwork. This entails a lot of man hours of work and commitment by an administrative and paralegal team but we have your best interests at heart at all times and aim to succeed with being on pace as agreed. At point of handover, our work is done and liability thereafter resting with the Solicitor and their specific team.

When your case is handed over to the Solicitor, you are in safe hands and their cases normally run anywhere from 2 months to 2 years. Obviously, this is dependant on your case specifics relevant to the product, the period when purchased, the legislation changes, evidence and witnesses, plus existing cases that have set the precedence. Some cases are similar and some unique. It’s a specialist area and we diligently and tenaciously work through your case to the best interests of us jointly. We have seen companies use the maximum time limit to respond to communications, to drag their heels and stall for time, plus we have to collate evidence and that can take time also. Again, our legal instructions do know what they are doing, so it will be done within the remit of what is reasonable in way of expectations.

Please do not stop paying your management or maintenance fee payments until the judgment and case is settled. If you are in financial difficulties and struggling to keep up payments, that is a different matter and we can advise you according to the way forward. Under UK & Spanish Law you have no legal right to withhold monies pending a legal dispute.

Please do not stop paying your finance payments until the judgment and case is settled. Thereafter you will need to settle the finance. If you are in financial difficulties and struggling to keep up payments, that is a different matter and we can advise you according to the way forward. Under UK & Spanish Law you have no legal right to withhold monies pending a legal dispute.

If your management/maintenance fees are up to date, then yes of course, inclusive of any seeded or banked weeks with specific exchange companies that you are contracted to. Although, remember that when you do holiday, there is a high probability that your company will try to convince you to remove your case and buy more! You know already where that will end up getting you!

No, we are not Lawyers, Solicitors or a Claims Management Company. We instruct Solicitors and Lawyers from across the UK and Europe. Dependent on which Legal Expertise that we are instructing, this will dictate whether there are up front fees to be paid, along with the procurators and translators. We also instruct termination Specialist Solicitors and Lawyers who may operate their own conditional fee and No Win No Fee Arrangements, by way of their own assessment. Though our work is thorough, we hold no liability to any non qualification as our work is relative only to termination investigation and legal instruction. All liability on the matter relating any claim instruction rests solely with the instructed Solicitor or Lawyer.

Trust is earned quickly through rapid and thorough execution of the work contracted and that is exactly what we do through simple process and follow up. This is followed by a rapid handover to the instructed Solicitor which holds the ultimate trust. So we do exactly what we say and exactly what is contractually agreed. Crystal clear, honest process that is easy to follow, is logical and has purpose.

No. We are confident in our service and happy to take a basic instruction fee which is not excessive by any means and begin your investigation and case build within hours of your decision to trust us with the work required pre-solicitor instruction. The work is intensive and we do all of the ground work in advance to save heavy solicitors fees as we do this at a fraction of the cost that this pre-litigation work would cost. But more to the point, our intensive work can and will save months of tedious administrative work by members of a solicitors team, as well as pointing towards potential reasoning and logic to what could be multiple breeches of various Laws & Regulations within Consumer Protection and Vacation Industry Law.

If you are asked for upfront fees for the contract termination and/or assessment of a reclaim, they are used to cover but not limited to: Solicitor and Lawyer fixed fee instruction costs, translation fees, private investigator fees, land registry fees, Barrister and Public Prosecutor cost (Procador cost), travelling, meetings and general business administration costs.

Many cases have now been through court and have set the precedence. Specific Companies, Developers and Marketers, are now fully understanding of the risks of running from the overwhelming legislation to protect their victims, with so many cases already won against them. This knowledge gives us confidence and strength in position and ultimately your Solicitor or Lawyer, legal proof that laws were broken with similar clients, thus a path to follow which makes sense.

Most people are very aware that personal litigation using established Solicitors is a costly experience. But at the same time, most people are also aware that unless using a Solicitor or Lawyer, most companies and corporations render an individual powerless to gain any satisfaction of resolution or feeling of justice, when clearly duped or mis-sold. So the bias has always been in the favour of the victimiser to run free, potentially and habitually abusing its member base with constant ways of just taking more money off them with false promises of satisfaction and exclusivity. Now our commercial and personal advantage is that finally, regular, honest people can get the expertise that they need to have a fighting chance of justice without having to pay ridiculous costs upfront. Our Service is honest, our fees realistic, thorough and has the Solicitors and Lawyers instruction fees covered so that you have a clear chance of redress. To our knowledge, nobody has a turnkey solution like this, which puts clients first. We care.