The Human Rights of 1998 sets out basic human rights that form the core of society and protect our virtue and freedom. Through the passage of time, many leaders, dictators and establishments have eroded and abandoned the rights of humans, but this ignorance does not stop its exposure and subsequent punishment eventually.  Unfortunately, it is still happening today in various places on this planet. It covers matters relating to the:


Freedom of Association and Assembly.


Freedom of Expression.


Freedom of Thought.


Prohibition of Discrimination.


Prohibition of Slavery and Forced Labour: the exemptions are work in prison or any work contracts agreed voluntarily.


Prohibition of Torture. Nobody should be tortured in a degrading or inhuman way.


Right to a Fair Trial: no punishment without Law. No retrospect punishment when Laws change.


Right to Liberty and Security: this limits the circumstances in which someone can be detained.


Right to Life: Government and public authorities must protect the right of life and they must show that they used only as much force that was absolutely necessary.


Right to Marry and found a family.




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