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The Protection

1. Consumer Law:

a) Consumer Protection.

Miss-leading statements, miss-representations and omissions have a clear connection to timeshare working practices and actions, from a clients’ perspective. This is where the CPR – Consumer Protection Regulations have their place firmly set. If there are losses, the CPR has clear relevance.

b) Distance Selling:

A product or service that is purchased at a distance through such medium as the internet or telephone, as prime example, have rights to withdraw or cancel such a purchase. The Distance Selling Regulations 2000 provides customers with this protection, though there are some certain conditions where some services are not covered. Please see the government website below:

c) The Consumer Credit Act:

If you paid by credit card or used a tied, in-house or linked loan or finance for the Timeshare product, the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA74) paves the way and opportunity for recompense from the loan source/lender. Please look at government link below:

d) Unfair Contracts:

The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999, has the ultimate power to stop the use of biased contracts that are unfair against consumers. Providing powers of enforcement, to enforcement authorities.

2. Directives Overview:

The first real steps to legislate the Vacation Industry, really started from the UK in 1992. This was superseded on 23.02.11 by the ground-breaking introduction of the ‘Vacation Holiday Products, Resale and Exchange contracts Regulations 2010’. Click this link to view:

The European Parliament has issued Directives relating to the purchase of Vacation Products since 1997, thus impacting and affecting changes across the lands with this first Directive. The roots of this, of course going back to 1994 when issued for implementation in 1997. The replacement Vacation Product Directive and this, the second Directive was issued in 2009 and aligned for implementation in 2011. Click this link to view:

The original and first Directive was not implemented with consistency and many countries adapted their own interpretation, which made for a feeling of chaos. Whereas the replacement and second Directive, offered more consistency to the operators and to minimize consumer confusion, through ensuring the Vacation Product Law for all EU countries was the same.

3. Further Reference:

As a simple over view, here are some useful links to where you can read the in depth and remarkable enhancements to your protection over the last 20 years plus.

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